Sunday, March 18, 2012

ST. Patty's progress

Some more progress for the night.

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  1. Hey steven it's starting to look really nice! There are some things that i think can help this shot. I don't know if you have done facial expressions, but i think that it'd help from some upset actions instead of a face that looks kind of like this -__-

    i feel that his head in the beginning is a little too static and looking at one place too long before he moves to towards where he is climbing. I think that you could turn his head a bit sooner to look more of where he is going in the beginning of the crawl. and after he looks up from pounding on the car, i feel that his head could be offset and drag a bit more before he looks up.

    and also when he pulls himself forward his shoulders stay up the whole time. when he pulls himself forward the shoulders should be moving back. Maybe also add a little bit of drag in his head when he pulls himself forward as well. I hope this helps! I really like how this is turning out though!! I can't wait to see it with some lights and everything!!