Sunday, March 25, 2012

I got from work like 45 minutes ago and I work on this for little bit more . I fix the timing and the pelvis . Thanks again sorry for not posting soon...


  1. hey juan, this is getting better. i feel like the timing at the end (when he looks at the door) is a little slow. maybe speed it up a little bit and just keep polishing. good luck!

  2. Hey juan

    It's looking a lot better! Keep going!

    The things that i see are in the cog where he is patting himself and the timing of that area till the end. I feel that the timing can be a sped up some more to have a more frantic feeling. it's coming along though juan!! keep going!! you can do it!!

  3. Yes I think so too Thanks very much guys. Unfortunately I couldn't have more tine off form work. but I work on this anyways. I feel that I can finish by tomorrow. Thanks for the critics