Saturday, March 31, 2012


Here's my first pass for Louie Patterson. The only issue i'm having is that the wall next to the dresser's a little close so Louie's actions are limited (you can see the swatter going through the wall) I was wondering if we could push that back a bit, but other than that I also scaled the dresser down a bit (it was too high) and that's it! Enjoy~~


  1. hey emily

    it's looking pretty good. there are a couple of things that i'd like to change and it would also make your shot shorter so there isn't as much to worry about.

    1st he should be closer to the window since that's where our character will end in the previous shot.

    2nd on the swings at the fly. I think that it would be fine if you just had him swiping at the wall so he's not changing direction so much. and the off balance thing i'd like it if juan could do that in his shot more. I think that you can cut the extreme arm swinging in the end so juan can play with the balance and the fall.

    and I think that the fly swatter is a bit big for louie. the flat part is almost as big as his face. just scale it down a bit and i think that also might change the problem with the fly swatter going through the wall.

    The grab and chair move are looking pretty nice. I really like that part. Keep up the hard work! it's going to look pretty nice

  2. alrighty. i'll make those changes. I'll keep those last few poses in case raquel wanted them, but i'll cut it off for the play blast.

    also for the beginning, i moved him closer to the window but is it cool if in andrew's shot he starts going away from the window? then it can cut into my shot nicely.

  3. oh and i made the swatter 0.3. its working much better!! see you guys tuesday!! thanks!

  4. It's fine if in andrews shot he starts to move away from the window but he still needs to be closer to the window to make that cut better

  5. ya that's cool. louie's starting in front of the table near the window and turning the corner to grab the swatter