Sunday, March 18, 2012

Andrew Shot 04

Mine again: You think the torso is far enough at the end Jason? I thought about doing something extra (side to side motion?) with the 3 pushes after the first. Yay or nay?

@Jason: I think that looks fine, although your guy's skin is much shinier than Emily's for some reason. Probably just the extra light.

@Steven: You're pretty much finished. You can play around with the facial expressions some more if you want I guess. Also with the car rocking thing: I have it rocking more now because of some stretching issues on the arms (the pulling back part lets me put his hands farther back to avoid stretching the arms too much while still keeping them on the car).


  1. Hey Andrew. This is looking better, but I'd still tone down a bit with the head. It still looks like his head is banging against the car. Also, I think you need to offset it a little bit so it has an overlapping action with the body. Not too much though otherwise it'd look too rubbery. Also, the hand in the beginning (when he jumps off the car) is a little stiff. I'd add a different hand position because now it looks like the default pose for Morphy. Keep going.

  2. Hey andrew. You are making a lot of good progress and I agree with emily and i also have a few things that i feel may help out your shot.

    I think that the timing in the beginning for the jump is a bit long and it feels like he sticks in the air (it feels like this pose is held in the air for like 4-6 frames). it just doesn't feel too smooth at the moment. and also when he lands i think that you can have him bend his knees a bit more because he is jumping off of a pretty high place, so the weight of him would be pulled down with quite some force. Not a total squash but a little bit more than what you have already. And when he comes down from the car there needs to be more overlap in the body, like the head and the arms.

    I dont' know if you toned down the shaking of the car, but it looks like it hasnt been pulled back enough (if you did already). I feel that it should be shaking a little bit less when he pushes it. or you can build up to bigger shakes from smaller ones.

    Keep up the progress andrew! It's getting there!

  3. sorry andrew i didn't see your question up above, but i don't think that side to side motion is needed. but I also forgot to mention one thing before... the elbows are still popping at the end. If you could also try and fix that it'll make it better as well.

    I think that the position is better. you can leave it there as it is.

    sorry for not seeing that question up top earlier