Saturday, March 31, 2012


Here's my first pass for Louie Patterson. The only issue i'm having is that the wall next to the dresser's a little close so Louie's actions are limited (you can see the swatter going through the wall) I was wondering if we could push that back a bit, but other than that I also scaled the dresser down a bit (it was too high) and that's it! Enjoy~~

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Monday, March 26, 2012

Shot 04 on the Server

I also put my JPEGS and Maya scene on there, in the March26th_Rendered folder, just in case.

@Juan: I think the guy still freezes in place a bit too much when he's looking inside the card about 1 second in. Have him move his hands or his head or something a little. Maybe even his cog.

Btw, the texture thing with the Louie set does not effect you if you're on a PC right? I'm going to grab it now.

Sorry guys I work all day however, I did work on this for a while.May be I need to fix the part where he tries to open the door.... Thanks and sorry

Sunday, March 25, 2012

I got from work like 45 minutes ago and I work on this for little bit more . I fix the timing and the pelvis . Thanks again sorry for not posting soon...

Friday, March 23, 2012

Setting Up

Hey Guys

The setting is up!  You are now free to animate your shots.  Don't forget to reference the setting and the rig.  Do not import anything or try to make your own sets!!  I have set up the cameras as well.  Each camera corresponds to your shot.  Good luck guys!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shot 04 Lights

Sample lighting stuff

Btw, it seems that deleting light linked point lights can also crash Maya and wipe out your file + incremental saves, so be careful with that.


Still doesn't post my comments. Juan, I still think there's that part at the end where he just stands too still. Even just moving his head and hands/arms a little would fix it.

Getting in there

So, this is the latest and I think I am getting in there..What do you think?

Louie Patterson is on the serve

he's on the server and ready to be animated with. Jason said he'll have the environment up pretty soon over the weekend so check back on the blog for updates. Thanks guys!!

Louie's under the Asset folder/elevinrig/louiepatterson.

there's also a rigged fly on the server.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Super Rough Anamatic for Louie Patterson

Hey folks, this is the rough for the anamatic for Thursday. I hope it's making sense to you guys.

Still working on this, Iam working on spline and I have to clean lot of thing that I didn't see on flat mode.

I think looks little better. What do you think?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Key Shot

Hey folks, this is what I have for the key shot. lemme know what you think~

Louis Patterson Reference!!

The reference is a little rough, but I believe we can work off of them for Thursday. I put the clips on the server under Louie Patterson/reference

See you Thursday!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Looks little better I still need to fix a few thing

I am still working on the hand I never thought that a was going to have a hard time animating them... Still polishing sorry guys

First Render Pass

Here is my first pass of my rendered shot.  I know that when he runs off it's really dark, and I think that I may add some light into the car just to light the rim of the seats.  I think that it's starting to come out alright.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Andrew Shot 04

Mine again: You think the torso is far enough at the end Jason? I thought about doing something extra (side to side motion?) with the 3 pushes after the first. Yay or nay?

@Jason: I think that looks fine, although your guy's skin is much shinier than Emily's for some reason. Probably just the extra light.

@Steven: You're pretty much finished. You can play around with the facial expressions some more if you want I guess. Also with the car rocking thing: I have it rocking more now because of some stretching issues on the arms (the pulling back part lets me put his hands farther back to avoid stretching the arms too much while still keeping them on the car).

ST. Patty's progress

Some more progress for the night.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Shot 3 progress

I still need to get to the facial feature and fine tune the strikes to the car. Some stuff with the feet but let me know any other things you can see.

Lighting Test

Here are some shots with the lighting that felt right to me.  I used the directional light that Emily set up, but I added a few other shots to get a feel that i thought represented the feel of the time of day for our sequence.  Let me know what you guys think.  Thanks!


My comments aren't showing up for whatever reason, but anyways, here's mine now. @Emily: I think you have everything you need. Anything you add now is up to personal preference at this point. I'm curious as to how you solved the problem with the trees not showing up though.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chen_shot_02 big update

Hi everyone,

I have decided not to render my shot just yet, but here are some rendered images. Can I get some feedback on how the lighting is working and such? I just used the directional light we had and added a point light the car to light up Demarcus's face.

I also have the most recent playblast in case there's anything I should fix. Please let me know! Thanks so much!

New Lighting!!

Hey folks, I have updated the "Demarcus_setting" with the directional light so please update your scenes. Also, the directional light will not be enough for each of your shots. You may need to add additional lights to better light up your scene. The directional light is just for the overall lighting.

Later on tonight, I'll post an image of my scene with the lighting. I don't think I'll render it just get. I want Raquel to look at our 'close to complete' shots on Tuesday. Good luck everyone!!

~Emily Chen

More Refining

Here is my shot a bit more refined from Tuesday. I addressed the notes that I got from Raquel and Emily.  If there is anything else that needs to be done to Demarcus, feedback would be much appreciated!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Update for the night

Still needs some work, but I'll be working on that tomorrow and the rest of the week.  I think that it's coming along with the fixes that Raquel mentioned.  And Emily thanks for the crits earlier, they helped a lot too.  If you guys see this let me know what you think about it please.

To see it bigger you may need to click on the YouTube button on the player and it should go to YouTube.  For some reason it loads to blogger pretty small... and it won't make a larger view.  I'll look into that later but for now here it is.

Demarcus rig updated

Hi everyone! We have updated Demarcus's rig and his file's on the server so please update your rigs for your shots as soon as possible.

If you didn't reference morpheus in your shot like myself, please see me and I'll let you know what to fix for your rig. Thanks everyone!

Notes from March 13th

Hey guys, here are some notes I took for our shots on Tuesday morning. Good luck!

shot 01

- update rig

- heel should move down after he runs into the car.

- bringing the torso to life as he's checking for his keys.

- check if the handle can be pulled out of car


- raise eyebrows up before blink, go down with blink and then overlap when coming back up

- shoulder when pulling on car fix position

- start working on lighting.

shot 03

- shrink the belly

- change of expression, have eyes focused and then more determined

- change expression at the end.

- don't forget to animate the car moving

- watch shoulder shape

shot 04

- drag on the head in beginning

- don't forget to lead with the torso

- update rig

- watch the elbows when he first pushes. or the silhouettes.

- great opportunity to see the face expressions as he's pushing the car

- watch that his hands don't flow through his head.

shot 05

- maybe turn the hips a little more in the beginning.

- watch the eyebrows when he's looking at the camera.

- watch that the watch silhouettes better with the hand at the end.

- try opening and closing the hand when he runs off screen.

- head needs to lag a little bit.

- get rid of the belly in all the shots. 20%

- watch that his head/neck isn't too long.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Shot 05 Progress

Here is my shot guys... I'm still working on some stuff but this is my progress for the night.  can't wait to see the rest of your guys shots!!

Shot 2 progress

Hey everyone hope you had a great weekend,

This is my current shot that I've polished out. I've at least polished every rig that was necessary and just wanted to show you what it's like so far. Please let me know if there's anything you'd like me to fix. Thanks!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Shot 04

Ok, here's the blocking in step mode. Also I think that Steven's shot ends with him already being on the ground, rather than in mid-air. I need to check that again, but when I sketched it from his scene, he was standing on the ground, so we should probably work out what to do with that.