Monday, March 19, 2012

I am still working on the hand I never thought that a was going to have a hard time animating them... Still polishing sorry guys

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  1. Hey Juan

    Thanks for posting! Fist thing that i'd have to say that you are doing a good job and it's coming along.

    I think that the run in is still a bit fast, he should be slowing down coming to the car. and when he is patting himself to look for his keys, there is a lot of popping going on there and he may be patting himself too much. I think if you keep the rule of three then it should be good. pat three times and then he can react. There is also a lot of popping in the head as well.

    Also, the eyes are going crazy when he's patting himself, so maybe try and keep the eyes in one place for now.

    the poses when he first gets to the car and then when he looks at the car at the end look too much alike, so i think that when he first get's to the car he should look like he uses the car to stop himself and not look in the car yet. maybe turn his body a bit more and his head towards the camera.

    and the look at the end should have a faster timing as well. it looks a bit soft when he looks into the car.

    It's coming along nicely though juan! keep up the good work!