Sunday, April 29, 2012

Andrew Shot 02

Still fixing stuff, any feedback is good!

@Juan: I'd say that pose at the beginning looks at little odd.  I seems like his torso and head are tilted a bit too far in opposite directions.  The swing also needs more of a follow through to it.  He's putting his whole body into it, so his torso should be fully rotated and his arm should be fully extended for a moment before he pulls himself back.  I guess also more overlap on the torso when he's teetering on the edge at the end, before he falls.

@Steven: Yours is coming along pretty well, all the basic stuff seems ok.  Are you going to add him looking back up at the fly at the end?

@Emily: Your torso looks fine to me, nothing looks too weird about it.


  1. his arms are tweening at the begging and the end. make the walk cycle work better

  2. Andrew

    It's looking better on the timing, but now it's time to work on some of those other things that were talked about in class. I think that he should be moving more towards camera or else it will cut weird with emily's. Make him come towards camera screen right or else the cut will feel jumpy between yours and emily's. also i think that the camera is too close to the window and it will be cutting off the slap on the fly. I'd move the camera a bit over to the right, or move the aim over to the right so you can have the slap in there too. keep up the progress!